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 Rising or penetrating damp in any property can have disastrous consequences for either owners or prospective buyers and it is vital the correct diagnosis, through survey, is attained

At Your Service offers free survey and reports of suspected problems and any remedial treatments undertaken carry a 20year transferable guarantee underwritten by The Property Guarantee Administration Ltd of which we are a member.

Damp Course injections, re- plastering and all associated carpentry works for example are all carried out by ourselves , no sub- contracting, which therefore eliminates any future  who is to blame scenario’s in the event of works failure, if we do the work we guarantee it – no question.

Condensation, typically between October to March can be a problem for home owners and landlords alike.

At Your Service carries out free Hygrometric surveys to determine internal atmospheric conditions which can cause decorative spoilings  and worse.Advice upon life style within a property and manufacture’s aids to dispense with condensation will be offered
The photographs in the gallery section show a scenario of a tenant within a property claiming rising damp for instance however A hygrometric survey and application of humidistat detectors revealed the tenants lifestyle was the problem, note the clothes drying within the problem room, the landlord was therefore released from tenants implications and costs and a satisfactory result for all involved was found. The right diagnosis is therefore paramount.

Timber beetle infestations can have serious consequences for a property and again the correct diagnosis is vital;

Common Furniture Beetle[anobium punctatum] Powder post post beetle[ Lyctus brunneus]  Deathwatch beetle [ xestobium rufovillosum ] Wood boring weevils to name but a few infect hard and softwoods alike and require specialist treatment to deter future activity. Major structural timbers in older buildings where removal is untenable are a definite case for specialist treatment. At Your Service can provide these specialist treatments and in particular has the back up of laboratory facilities to analyse highly specialised cases of damp, wet and dry rot and damp or infestation problems.